VOX 7002 Flanger

€ 299,00

The Vox Model 7002 (sometimes labeled Model 9002) Flanger Pedal was introduced in the 1981 "Vox: Born Out of Rock" product catalog and produced for Vox by Guyatone of Japan. The trapezoidal shape of the die cast aluminum case allowed several 7000 Series pedals to form a curved array on the floor.

The pedal operated on either two 9 volt batteries or an optional 18 VDC external power supply. The pedal featured four rotary controls: Speed, Range, Manual and Color. A pair of standard ¼" jacks served as the audio input and output.

Other pedals in this series of Vox pedals included the Model 7000 Phaser, Model 7001 Distortion, Model 7003 Compressor, Model 7004 Wah and 7005 Chorus.